FMT Advanced Visual Docking System

Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System

FMT developed the first Visual Docking Guidance Systems (VDGS) with pneumatic sensors in the 1970’s and invented the first laser based system in the beginning of the 1990’s.  Through continuous development,  FMT have explored new techniques and gathered extensive knowledge in this field, making them the world leaders  in aircraft docking guidance.

APIS++ (Aircraft Parking and Information System) is a safe, fast, easy to set and manage system with a high precision Laser that provides increased impulse and scanning frequency, that provides accurate closing rates and stopping guidance.  Real-time and exact Azimuth Guidance is provided by means of patented Moiré technique.

Developments include:

  • Aircraft recognition function
  • Obstacle scanning function
  • Dual colour LED displays
  • Configurable text rows
  • Co-pilot Azimuth Guidance
  • Integrated traffic lights

More than 1600 units are operational at International Airports around the world.

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