Trace Detection

With today’s heightened threat of terrorism, security professionals at nuclear power plants, embassies, high-risk facilities, transportation, and government agencies are exploring explosives trace detection, which also can be used to detect narcotics, as part of a sound security strategy to help protect the public and vital infrastructure from threats.


Itemiser® 4DX

A non-radioactive ionization source to detect a broad range of current market threat explosives and narcotics.





Itemiser® DX

Fast, simultaneous explosives and narcotics detection, to meet the current market threats, in an ergonomic and portable package.





Using Morpho Detection’s patented ITMS™ (Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry) technology, this simulaneous dual-mode handheld detector expands the range of target explosives identified in a single sample.



Accessories and Consumables





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