Electronic Leak Detectors and Valve Testers

Electronic Leak Detectors and Valve Testers

Kosan Crisplant’s electronic leak detectors and valve testers perform tests on LPG cylinder valves. The cylinders are approved or rejected according to preset permitted values.  Includes:

          • Provide maximum safety
          • Fully automatic test with same sorting limit
          • Eliminate human errors
          • Detect all kinds of leak around the valve
          • Check the valve form (centre valves only)
          • Flexible for all types of valves
          • Flexible for all cylinder diameters and heights
          • Easy installation in existing plants
          • Minimum space requirements
          • Competitive price


  • Safe LPG cylinders to your end-users
  • 100% leak test – all filled LPG cylinders are tested
  • Savings on manpower thanks to automatic sorting of cylinders with unapproved valves
  • Easy to use calibration tools and procedure
  • Easy adjustment and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Air service unit with extra filters to eliminate pollution in pneumatic air supply
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy to set up: all necessary software is installed in the HMI/CUC controller
  • Easy to use: clear text display and sturdy keyboard
  • Ready for integration in fully automatic filling system
  • Ready for communication with PC for data collection


  • Test heads designed for all types of valves
  • Testing principle according to valve type and testing area on valve: gas analysis principle (leak detectors) or pressure rise principle (valve testers)
  • Manually operated model for installation (1) stationary on floor, (2) by a chain conveyor or (3) by a roller conveyor. Available with gas analysis principle. Manually height adjustable
  • Fully automatic model for installation in-line in chain conveyor. Performs test on all cylinders. Available with gas analysis principle or pressure rice principle. Manual change of test head for test of different valves. One or two-headed machine. For one fixed cylinder height. Manually or automatically height adjustable
  • Calibration and test equipment available on demand


  • All electronic leak detectors and valve testers are EU approved and designed in accordance with current EU directives EN 50014, EN 50020, EN 50081, EN 50082, EN 55022, incl. the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC)
  • All electronic leak detectors and valve testers are designed for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 according to IEC 79-10 and Class I, Division 1 according to NEC (USA), article 500
  • National/local approvals


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