A Little on an Aircraft Docking System

Krier Group is a reseller of FMT Docking systems. This does not refer to iPod docking systems or computer hardware docking systems, these docking systems are used at airports and seaports to help guide pilots or captains when it comes to stopping their plane at the correct terminal or help guide the boats to the correct dock.

FMT has nearly fifty years’ worth of experience within this industry designing and manufacturing docking systems. You get many different types of docking systems.

• Azimuth Guidance for Nose-In Stand
• Parallax Aircraft Parking Aid
• Stop light
• Mirror

A-VDGS ( Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System)
• Advanced Visual Docking Guidance Systems
• Honeywell Advanced Visual Docking Guidance
• The Aircraft Positioning and Information System (APIS++)
• Safegate
• Safedock

Azimuth Guidance for Nose-In Stand is the most commonly used docking systems guidance stand. It primarily consists of two colours mounted side by side. If the pilots approach is centre lined then both colour will show as green. However if they are not centre lined the pilot will then steer more to the green side.

Mirrors are also used as visual docking guidance systems. These are used at smaller airliners allowing the flight crew to see the ground markings in relation to the nose wheel. The mirrors are mounted at various heights so that the pilots can still see as they come closer to the docking point.

The Aircraft Positioning and Information System (APIS++) relies on a proven, robust guidance system. The one half displays Azimuth guidance which in terns indicates to the pilot while the aircraft is still perpendicular to the stand centreline. While the other side provides information pertaining to closing rate as well as when to stop.

This laser technology pulses at 9.6kHz and a resolution of 1cm, makes sure that the pilot stops at the exact position. The system is so robust that it can be connected to passenger boarding bridge via TCP/IP Ethernet connection. It can also be equipped with a back-up traffic light system.