Cutting edge technology in explosives detector systems used in airport security

In a world that has become an alarmingly unsafe place; explosive detectors play an instrumental role in addressing security concerns presented by terrorism and other worrying threats. This is as a result of the dramatic increase in passenger traffic levels. Safety and security needs at airports have become a concern and a challenge for manufacturers to create smarter machines.

In the aim of furthering security efforts airports turn to state-of-the-art equipment that is built on sophisticated Computed Tomography (CT) machines that feature explosives detection capabilities. Automated and innovative technology has brought into the market explosives detector systems (EDS) that facilitate the screening of checked baggage for objects that include guns, knives, and liquid containers with improved speed and reliability at airport security checkpoints.

Cutting edge equipment such as the CTX range of machinery is helping to minimise risks and close the gaps in security loopholes. The wide use of CTX scanners in airports around the globe has proven these devices to be the top explosives detector systems (EDSs) available in the industry.

The CTX 5800 as well as the CTX 9800 DSi systems have benefited from the expertise and technology used to produce high-resolution scanning in CT scanners used in the medical field.

The inclusion of the Clarity Data Acquisition System (DAS) has seen the CTX equipment evolve to provide unparalleled 3D images of excellent quality.

What does this really mean? Simply put. Screening results are vastly improved. These and other additional benefits include:

• well-detailed displays of the contents of baggage,
• accurate algorithmic calculations
• great improvement in identifying possible threats
• a reduction in false alarm levels
• decrease in operational costs

Advantages of using advanced explosive detection equipment include checked baggage being loaded onto aircrafts much more quickly.

The CTX 5800 is currently the smallest explosives detector system (EDS) offering medium speed processing. It is, however, able to produce double the value of those of the competition. It offers an added benefit of being used at airports with smaller volumes of passenger traffic or airports where space is a factor.

Advanced technology is servicing the dire need for efficient and effective explosive detectors in the aviation industry.