Explosive Identification Gadgets

Explosive identification has become a major priority over the course of the year for many governments. Many countries are under threat from extremists who believe that their rights have been infringed and feel that the only recourse is to attack the country in question.

Luckily, with today’s advanced technology, explosive identification has become easier. A wide range of explosive detection equipment has been developed. The Kriergroup is a reseller of these explosive detection systems (EDS) machines.

They stock the CTX range which include XRD 3500, CTX 9800 Dsi and the CTX 5800 and a number of others.

Explosive identification by making use of the HRX 1800, which in turn makes use of x-ray scanners, is the choice machine for airports and seaports. The x-ray scanner is a cost effective solution ideal for screening pallet size parcels and containers. The tunnel size of 180.3 cm (71 in) wide by 180.6 cm (71.1 in) high maximizes the effective screening region and facilitates production of exceptional images while rapidly inspecting large articles.

The HRX 1800 al so has a PC-Based System for User Flexibility The HRX 1800 runs on Windows® XP Professional, utilizing the central structure, reduced hardware costs, minimal interfaces, easy upgrade paths, full integration and high reliability of a PC-based system.

If a big bulky machine is not quite what you looking for you also get explosive identification kits. For example, Expray® is a unique explosive aerosol test technology that detects both trace and substancial levels of explosives as well as homemade explosive (HME) precursors. Commonly used by armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Expray® helps detect a wide spectrum of explosives and HME precursors quickly and effectively.

Expray® Capabilities:
• Nitro Aromatic
• Nitro Esters
• Nitramines
• Inorganic Nitrates
• Urea Nitrate
• Ammonium Nitrate
• Chlorates
• Bromates
• Peroxide-based components
You also get the ExPen (ampoule-based technology) that contains the same chemistry technology as DropEx bottles. The ExPen was designed for military, EOD and security personnel primarily for easy carrying and for situations that do not require multiple tests.