Kosan Crisplant’s solution for high-speed filling and handling of gas cylinders is called FLEXSPEED.  With up to 4000 cylinders per hour on one single carousel system, and applying new handling and processing techniques that ensure a continuous flow of cylinders.  No stopping and starting the flow of cylinders anywhere.

  • A carousel based system with multiple filling posts
  • A series of process modules (eg. leak detection, valve testing and cap application)
  • Dynamic cylinder flow, giving a most flexible production cycle at any capacity
  • FLEXSPEED provides low maintenance costs, low production costs and low unit cost as gas fillers benefit from less system and equipment maintenance, better uptime and more processing time
  • A fully automatic tare reading system, ie. no tare encoding errors

Gas fillers need to just focus on local logistics to feed the system with sufficient cylinders to maintain a smooth and continuous flow.

Brochures for review

FLEXSPEED System Description PDF (1.77MB)

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