Good Quality Reliable LPG Filling Equipment Is Non-Negotiable

All LPG filling equipment is not created equal. Always choose the best equipment – the risk of not doing so is just too big.

At a time when alternative energy sources are top of mind for many people, the suppliers of the sources need to ensure that the surge in demand does not negatively affect their ability to provide safe products and service. For years electricity has been the default energy resource for many industries. With an increase in the demand for gas – both household and industrial – LPG filling equipment is under strain to meet the ever-increasing demand.

There is various LPG filling equipment available, e.g. carousal filling systems that are designed for safe and effective filling of all kinds of cylinders with a capacity of up to 4000 cylinders per hour; compact filling systems that can be installed quickly and can accommodate all kinds of cylinders; and container based mobile filling systems with a filling capacity of up to 400 cylinders per hour.

When choosing LPG filling equipment it is of utmost importance that only reliable trusted equipment be considered. Equipment must adhere to the most stringent safety standards. After-sales and support services are critical as unnecessary downtime will negatively affect production.

When choosing a supplier ensure that they have a good safety record, that they are active in your area and that they have a good understanding of your technical requirements. A good supplier will help analyse your needs and recommend the best system for you. Installation and set-up of LPG filling equipment is a specialised field and should only be done by a professional team. Training must be provided for operations and maintenance staff, not only for technical and safety reasons but the incorrect use and handling of the LPG filling equipment can negatively affect the lifespan of the equipment. Where mobile LPG filling equipment is used local conditions that could influence safety standards must be taken into account. Security around and access to these systems is very important.