Hot Repair of LPG Cylinders

Hot Repair of LPG Cylinders

Kosan Crisplant offers a complete product line for hot repair of LPG cylinders that cannot be repaired by Kosan Crisplant’s shroud straightener or foot ring straightener because of very deformed shrouds or foot rings.  Kosan Crisplant’s equipment for hot repair includes accessories for cutting and surface welding of shrouds and foot rings as well as equipment for normalizing LPG cylinders.  Includes:

          • Obtain nice looking cylinders with high market value
          • Avoid production stops and breakdown because of damaged shrouds and foot rings
          • Considerable savings thanks to less need of new cylinders
          • Installation of complete working places for cutting and welding

Your Benefits

  • Minimum waste of cylinders thanks to reuse of intact cylinder bodies
  • High filling hall capacity due to continuous production with no stops and breakdowns
  • Minimum use of spare parts
  • Minimum repair of filling hall equipment
  • No accumulation of damaged cylinders in the filling hall
  • We only use internationally recognized sub-suppliers
  • Use of manpower for cylinder maintenance in quiet periods

Your Possibilities

  • Vast product line from manual hand tools to automatic processing machines
  • Manual or semi-automatic process for cutting off shrouds and foot rings
  • Various possibilities for cutting process, eg. Plasma cutting, ordinary flame cutting, hydraulic shearing-off and chiseling
  • Grinding tool for preparation of welding surfaces
  • Manual or sem-automatic surface welding  of new shrouds and foot rings
  • Normalizing furnaces (920°C) or annealing furnaces (630°C) for in-line continuous operation or solutions for stand-alone manual or semi-automatic operation
  • Straightening of dents in cylinders by use of pressure, burner and hammer

Your Safety

  • All equipment for hot repair is EU approved and designed in accordance with current EU directives
  • National / local approvals


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