How To Check Your Gas Fittings and Pipes For Leaks

There are a number of benefits to using gas appliances in one’s home. One of the biggest reasons that people use gas is that it is a much cheaper source of energy. When you live in a country like South Africa where there are energy shortages and blackouts are always eminent, using gas becomes a necessity. In order to guarantee the safety of yourself and those around you, however, you need to make sure that your gas canisters, gas fittings and gas appliances are in tip top condition.

Whether you have one gas appliance or ten, the benefits of using gas in your home are undeniable but always keep in mind that using gas in the incorrect way or being grossly negligent can be very dangerous and may result in loss of life. We will be giving you some safety tips on how to ensure that your gas canisters, gas fittings and appliances do not become dangerous.

Be sure to store your extra gas canisters outside your home in a protected area. This area should not be located near to open fires or be in a position where they can be easily accessed and vandalized.

Gas pipes and fittings

Regularly check your gas pipes and gas fittings for leaks. Detecting a leak can prevent a potentially hazardous situation. Should you get a faint smell of gas in the air you should do this check immediately. Also open all the windows in your home to let the gas escape and do not ignite any match or fire or use any appliance such as a hair dryer.

• Switch your gas off by closing the gas fitting at the canister.
• Make a soapy solution with water and detergent or hand soap. Rub this solution over sections of the gas piping, particularly were gas fittings join. Make sure that the lather is thick.
• Turn the gas back on and see if you can spot any bubbles forming along the line.
• If you see bubbles form at the fittings you need to switch off the gas and tighten the fitting. Wipe the existing solution off and then reapply and recheck.
• If your fitting is not the problem then check your piping for any cracks or punctures.