In-line Filling Systems

In-line Filling Systems

Kosan Crisplant’s in-line filling systems are designed for safe and effective filling and checking of all kinds of LPG cylinders.

          • Suitable system for low capacity filling of industrial cylinders
          • Capacity between 50 and 250 cylinders per hour
          • Semi-automatic handling of cylinders
          • Flexible to different cylinder diameters, heights and cylinder valves
          • Filling machines can perform both filling and check weighing
          • Flexible solutions – with possibilities of expansion
          • Small investment

Your Benefits

  • Low installation costs
  • High safety thanks to intrinsically safe network
  • Focus on ergonomics
  • Minimum manual cylinder handling
  • Includes automatic for regulation of cylinder flow
  • Controlled cylinder logistics
  • Ready for communication with PC for data collection
  • Capacity increase is possible

Your Possibilities

  • Manual or semi-automatic filling head according to valve type
  • Parallel filling lines for increased capacity
  • 1 to 8 filling machines per filling line
  • Weighing principle or mass flow principle
  • Can be integrated in chain conveyor or roller conveyor
  • Manual or semi-automatic handling of cylinders
  • Filling of both domestic and industrial cylinders
  • Automation level can be upgraded according to actual and future needs

Your Safety

  • All in-line filling systems are EU approved and designed in accordance with current EU directives EN 50014, EN 50020, EN50081, EN 50082, EN 55022 including the ATEX Directive (94/9/EC)
  • All in-line filling systems are designed for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1 according to IEC 70-10 and Class I, Division 1 acccording to NEC (USA), article 500
  • All in-line filling systems have weighing Accuracy Classification C3 according to OIML R 76/EN45501
  • National / local approvals

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