Fill 1

Kosan Crisplant’s patented KCFiLL1 is the solution for filling small amounts of various sized gas cylinders in an economically sound way.
          • Designed for easy, safe and accurate filling of LPG
          • Best value for money on the market for low-capacity filling machines
          • Able to fill any kind of cylinder
          • Can be installed anywhere you need

Get Started in no time

  • KCFiLL1 is delivered ready for use inclusive of power supply, suspension chains, connection panel, LPG and air hoses, lifting device and filling head
  • All that is required is a frame for suspension, supply of power, air and LPG
  • KCFiLL1 is ready for data collection (optional)

Best solution for filling small amounts of cylinders

  • Affordable price and low power consumption allows you to fill small volumes of cylinders
  • No need to invest in a carousel or high capacity filling machine
  • Just one KCFiLL1 and an operator and you are ready to fill

1-Step to create your own gas filling business

  • Ideal means of releasing your entrepreneurial potential
  • Affordable price allows you to establish you own gas filling business at a low cost without compromising your safety
  • Designed according to Kosan Crisplant’s high standards, KCFiLL1 is safe and easy to operate, even for those without prior experience with LPG filling

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