Liquid Petroleum Gas: An Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Fuel Your Car

The issue of carbon emissions and air pollution is still a major concern for environmentalists and governments. As we search for solutions to cleaner sources of energy we turn our attention to ways in which we can greatly lessen our carbon emissions as a collective.

The toxins produced by cars are a large contributing factor to the air pollutions. Finding cleaner sources of fuel can help to reduce air pollution a great deal. Liquid petroleum gas has become an alternative to petrol and diesel and more and more motorists are making the conversion, not only because of the environmental impact but also due to the cost saving benefits of liquid petroleum gas.

What is liquid petroleum gas?

Liquid petroleum gas is a fossil fuel produced from associated petroleum gas. It is used in a number of applications from domestic to industrial.

Can the conversion affect the environment?

It is estimated that by switching to liquid petroleum gas we can reduce the ozone-depleting emissions by as much as 50%. Currently domestic cars emit a staggering 14 million tons of pollutants into the air. When using LPG to run your motor vehicle you are emitting less nitrogen oxides, carbon and other hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and this reduction will have a definite impact on the environment.

Converting your car

Converting your car to LPG can be done without much fuss by a technician who fits the tank which contains the LPG in the boot of your car.

Cost saving

Not only is switching to liquid petroleum gas helpful for the environment but it is also a more cost effective method to fuel your car. Those who drive cars fuelled with LPG can experience a 50% reduction in fuel costs.

Converting your car to one which runs on LPG makes sense from an environmental perspective as well as from a cost saving point of view, though we are far from finding perfect solutions to our carbon emissions, liquid petroleum gas is by far a better solution to our energy pollution crisis.