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UFM Universal Filling Machine

Kosan Crisplant’s reliable, tried and tested Universal Filling machine.

          • Weighing principle (load cell) or mass flow principle
          • Most used filling machine in the world
          • Operation: fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual
          • Installation: on carousel, in-line in conveyor or as a stand-alone unit
          • Competitive price

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Filling Heads

Kosan Crisplant’s filling heads are designed for safe and easy filling and evacuation of all types of LPG cylinders.

          • High quality and solid systems developed on the basis of 50 years’ experience
          • Operation can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual
          • Optimised flow and filling speed
          • High safety level
          • Can be used for both filling and evacuation

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Internal Cleaning and Inspection Equipment

With Kosan Crisplant’s equipment for internal cleaning and inspection of LPG cylinders you can perform efficient cleaning of LPG cylinders as well as visual control of the state of LPG cylinders after cleaning.

          • Internal cleaning and inspection of LPG cylinders in part of the requalification procedure
          • Requalification of LPG cylinders is important because of the cylinder’s high value
          • Internal cleaning  and inspection of LPG cylinders is easy to perform while changing valve
          • Internal cleaning of cylinders contributes to high safety
          • Cylinders with long life cycle

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Pressure Testing Equipment

Kosan Crisplant’s pressure testing equipment is designed for rapid and safe pressure testing of LPG cylinders.  Pressure testing is a part of the general requalifiction and testing procedure.

          • Pressure tested cylinders are safe cylinders
          • Flexible solutions which meet any requirement
          • High capacity up to 450 cylinders per hour
          • Variable test pressure up to 45 bar

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Purging Systems

Kosan Crisplant’s purging systems are designed for quick and safe replacement of atmospheric air in cylinders with LPG in vapour state.  The process is applied on LPG cylinders without valves.  Valves should be mounted right after the purging process.

          • Avoid dangerous mix of LPG and atmospheric air in cylinders
          • Filling speed at maximum level
          • Avoid capacity reduction
          • Controlled process: no dangerous aeration of cylinders after filling
          • No aeration of cylinders when end-users start using them

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Spare Parts

Original Kosan Crisplant spare parts for filling equipment ensure long service life and continuous high production.

          • Spare parts in compliance with original equipment standards
          • Scheduled replacement of spare parts leads to high reliability in operation
          • Spare parts in stock ensure immediate repair
          • Kosan Crisplant’s stock handling system provides full overview

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Kosan Crisplant’s patented KCFiLL1 is the solution for filling small amounts of various sized gas cylinders in an economically sound way.

          • Designed for easy, safe and accurate filling of LPG
          • Best value for money on the market for low-capacity filling machines
          • Able to fill any kind of cylinder
          • Can be installed anywhere you need

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Manual Leak Detectors

Kosan Crisplant’s manual leak detectors are designed for manual leak detection on valve seals of LPG cylinder valves.

          • Leak detection on the basis of visual inspection
          • Ideal solution for low capacity filling plants
          • Suitable after random filling of different cylinder types
          • Easy installation in existing plants

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Electronic Leak Detectors and Valve Testers

Kosan Crisplant’s electronic leak detectors and valve testers perform tests on LPG cylinder valves.  The cylinders are approved or rejected according to preset permitted values.

          • Provided maximum safety
          • Fully automatic test with same sorting limit
          • Eliminate human errors
          • Detect all kinds of leak around the valve
          • Check the valve form (centre valves only)
          • Flexible for all types of valves

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Check-Weighing Systems

Kosan Crisplant’s check-weighing systems are specifically designed to ensure accurate and quick control of the net content in LPG cylinders.  The systems are designed to ensure correctly filled cylinders every time.

          • Safe cylinders to your end-users
          • Automatic sort-out of under- and overfilled cylinders
          • Capacity up to 1,800 cylinders per hour

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