LPG Gas Association: How Do You Know If Your Cylinder Is Safe?

Many people are switching to LPG gas as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to electricity. Though the benefits of LPG gas are numerous it needs to be handled with care to avoid dangerous situations. The LPG gas association is the body responsible for safety compliances and best practice, they offer a wealth of information regarding the safety and storage of LPG gas for both consumers and those companies who deal with LPG.

There has been an upsurge in illegal LPG gas distributors who fill people’s tanks without the proper authorization from the manufacturer. This can cause damage to the cylinder and, as a result, could be very dangerous.

“Illegally filled LP Gas cylinders pose a huge risk. You do not know if they have been filled according to the requirements of the South African National Standards, correctly or safely. Always check that the dealer is authorised to sell branded cylinders and that the cylinder valves have legitimate branded seals.” LP Gas Association of South Africa

Always be sure that your cylinder has been filled according to the industry standards for safety. The best easiest way to ensure that this happens is to purchase your gas cylinders from an authorised LPG dealer.

Here are some of the requirements which the supplier of your cylinder must adhere to in order for the cylinder to be considered safe by industry standards. The LPG gas association has a verification system which dictates that in order for a cylinder to be sold to the South African market it needs to pass an inspection by the association.

• Cylinder must be verified in accordance with approved cylinder standards as listed with SANS 10019
• It must be manufactured under the supervisory inspection of a third party inspectorate.
• The cylinder valves must be certified under the SANS 19 requirements and will be checked by LPGSASA before a verification certificate is given.
• The cylinder must be correctly marked with the requirements stated by the SANS 10019 and must be linked to batch documents.

The LPG association has a list of verified LPG distributors on their website.