Making Travelling Safer with Explosive Vapour Detector!

Technology keeps growing and growing to help and further the human race. There is a new technology out on the market, the explosive vapour detector, which has been designed to “sniff” out even the minutest trace of explosives. Yes, sniff – much like the bomb or narcotic sniffing dogs would do.

The explosive vapour detector is a revolutionary piece of technology because it eliminates the need for surface swipes or other methods of detection which could result in a missed reading. The explosive vapour detector is highly sensitive and can detect low-volatility explosive compounds which make it more reliable than any other method of explosive detection. It can also detect explosives in a faster timeframe because there is no need for samples to be taken and examined. Samples and swipes can be a huge inconvenience for those conducting the swipes and can also result in unnecessary costs if the swipe turns out to be negative.

The explosive vapour detector is currently being used in airports and other areas where there is expected unlawful interference which threatens the lives of many people. In today’s world people constantly feel under threat of an attack, especially with aeroplane hijackings, and the cost of missing one of these explosives could cost many people their lives; therefore it is important for this kind of technology to grow at a rapid rate.

Canines are still used for larger areas such as cargo and vehicles which would render particle testing redundant. Canines are very effective in this area, however they do pose some obstacles where machinery would be a more convenient and cost-effective use for detecting explosives and narcotics. A canine needs to be fed, can only work a certain number of hours a day and requires constant training and care. This is not the case with the explosive vapour detector and, while a canine’s sense of smell is highly sensitive, the hopes is that technology can surpass man’s best friend and perform at any hour at a lower cost.

Explosive vapour detectors will eventually grow and, through their growth, result in fewer to no explosive disasters which will save many lives and make people feel more secure when traveling.