Safety Tips For The End User From The LP Gas Association

The LP Gas Association was established as a safety and regulatory association which represents companies who are in the LP gas business. The association was set up not only for the end user but also for those businesses who are working in the industry. There are a number of services which are offered by the LP gas association. Here are some safety tips on how best to work with LP gas as stated by the association.

#Tip no 1: Check your gas appliances for certification

When purchasing your gas appliances make sure that there is a certification label on each appliance.

#Tip no 2: Check your appliance

Check your LPG appliances regularly for corrosion, leaks and breaks. When taking it out of the box make sure that there are no breaks and once you assemble it always check that it remains in a good condition.

#Tip no 3: Make sure that the area around your appliance is properly ventilated

Your appliances need to have proper ventilation around them for air consumption. For instance do not wedge appliances close together. Make sure that there is space between appliances.

#Tip no 4: Turn off your gas supply if your appliance fails to ignite the first time

When you attempt to ignite your LP gas appliance and you fail, first turn off your gas supply and wait before attempting to ignite it again.

#Tip no 5: Store your unused gas canisters outside

When you have canisters that you are storing, make sure that you store the canisters outside. The area also needs to be well ventilated yet covered.

#Tip no 6: Never ignite flames close storage canisters

Never ignite any open flame near the gas canisters. If you have a braai area or outside fire place make sure that it is far away from the LPG gas storage area.

#Tip no 7: Keep your canisters upright

Never let the canisters lay on its side or upside down. Always make sure that they are in an upright position.

These are just a few safety tips regarding LPG gas for more handy tips you can visit the website of the LP Gas Association