The Danger of Opting for Unscrupulous LPG Equipment Suppliers

Consumers across South Africa are becoming increasingly aware of the advantages that liquefied petroleum gas has to offer. This has led to more companies and individuals entering the LPG equipment supply market, offering consumers with substandard and unregulated services. It is unfortunate that there are many organisations and individuals participating in the marketplace with little or no regard for existing standards and parameters regulating the market.

Uncertain electricity supply, along with a rise in electricity costs are two of the biggest factors spurring on the popularity of LPG systems across South Africa. It is also why more and more consumers are looking at affordable and alternative energy sources. This has led to an increase in illegal filling and use of gas installations and cylinders, especially in South Africa’s largest cities.

These flyby night companies and uninformed individuals will purchase LPG equipment from a refinery and then redistribute it. There is a clear lack of investment in their infrastructure to undertake this distribution, such as using their own cylinders. Instead, they use LPG equipment belonging to other companies. They then fill these cylinders, which they brand with their own company’s logo and supply it to unsuspecting consumers.

Partner with Legitimate LPG Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

The gas cylinders are often overfilled since incorrect equipment is used, with unskilled labour at the helm of operations. This practice places the consumer at risk. Overfilled cylinders are hazardous if exposed to excessive heat. It is because of this that industry best practices dictate that cylinders should be filled to 80% of its capacity, as it allows for the expansion of gas in the cylinder.

At the Krier Group, we provide specialised solutions and services to many companies across different sectors of South Africa’s economy. Our specialised solutions and services include: docking system technologies, explosive detection and LP gas, to name a few. With a history dating back to the early 1970s, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders in theLPG systems industry.

Kosan Crisplant LPG Systems in South Africa

We are proud of our association with global leading LPG equipment suppliers Kosan Crisplant. As an authorised distributor of Kosan Crisplant’s LPG systems in South Africa, we continue to set the standard for excellence in our sector. This industry leader supplies the following solutions to the global LPG industry:

  • LPG systems
  • LPG machines and parts; and
  • Logistics, storage and turnkey solutions.

In order to ensure that systems and equipment supplied perform to specification and achieve their expected lifespan, we continually invest in training and maintaining skilled personnel. Contact the Krier Group to learn more about our company, and to find out why we are your first choice LPG equipment supplier in South Africa.