The Role of the LPG Association in Southern Africa

The Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association has its interests invested in the safety of the LPG industry, as well as an increase in domestic use of gas and a decrease in the use of electricity for necessities like heating, cooking and lighting.

The LPG association represents various specialised services within the Industry: installations, distribution, equipment and hardware and gas inspections. To ensure that a widespread use of LP Gas meets compliance standards and that business and residential systems alike continually operate under the best safety practices possible, the association has achieved various developments in the industry. The Association has produced safety compliance schemes for checking appliances, the verification of LP Gas cylinders and training courses for handling and maintaining LPG systems. Members have access to: all source material, the latest updates and changes in regulations, help with qualifying as an approved dealer, assisted promotion and exposure and tailored safety training courses at reduced rates.

The LPG association will help anyone who wants to install gas find a registered, certified installer and a qualified and authorised dealer. Only registered installers are permitted to install, inspect and repair LP Gas systems and the association supplies a list of all the registered installers in the country. One can check an installer’s card as proof of his certification. It is vital for insurance purposes and legality reasons to ensure the installer can do the required job.

The organisation is a non-profit association that plays a huge role in making sure the industry is self-sustaining, able to meet safety requirements and to ensure future growth by promoting safe, consistent supply of gas to potential and existing users. The LPG association is in the best position to team up with governmental endeavours to develop LP Gas sources for rural areas, but it is also working to reduce the use of electricity as a whole on the grid. That means the vision is for all South Africans to have access to LP Gas. This will limit the use of unhealthy energy sources like wood, coal and paraffin and reduce costs of living in the effort to achieve a healthier nation as a whole.